1. What is Aricain.com?

  Aricain.com is a digital platform where you can see your nearby business and find out their deals & offers.

2. What is available at Aricain.com

  Aricain.com provides deals , offers and packages of products and services at your nearest business establishments.

3. Who provides deals, offers and packages?

  Shops and service providers near you.

4. Does Aricain.com accept money?

  Not at all..The shops are the ones receiving money and providing services.

5. Where to file complaints and suggestions?

  Complaints about the shops can be reported on Arican.com .In case of complaints about their products & services they can help you to opt out or improve such goods or services.

6. Where will the coupon be redeemed?

  You should go to the shops mentioned in the coupon and redeem the coupon.

7. Where products & services are paid?

  Products and services are paid by the respective shop itself.

8. Is there a home delivery?

  Home Delivery only if given in the description of the products & services listed in the deals and offers.

9. How long is coupon validity?

  The coupon should be redeemed within the specified time period from the time it is taken.

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